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Submissions will be accepted electronically via email. Substantially similar papers must not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submissions violating these rules or the guidelines below will not be considered for publication.


  1. The submission deadline is 23:59 Eastern Standard Time on Monday, March 26 2001. This is a hard deadline; no extensions.

  3. Email is often delayed. We therefore urge you to submit well before the deadline. We will not be sympathetic to last-minute submissions that arrive late.
  4. If you send us a version of a submission to replace an earlier one, be sure to clearly indicate which the later one is. Remember that email can be delayed significantly en route, and may arrive reordered.


  1. Make sure that the paper is no longer than fourteen (14) 8.5"x11" pages in a 10 point or larger typeface. The page limit includes everything: references, title page, figures, appendices, abstract, etc. We don't want to micromanage your formatting, but make sure the paper is easily readable. Abusing the specs to cram a lot in is a sure way to make reviewers unhappy --- don't do it!

  3. Your paper can be in Postscript or Adobe Acrobat (PDF). We strongly suggest that you use only the four widely-used printer fonts: Times, Helvetica, Courier and Symbol. It is your responsibility to ensure that your submission prints "as is" on all Postscript printers. Try printing your submission on a few different printers to make sure before you submit We cannot do Postscript debugging for you --- if we cannot print your paper "as is", we cannot consider your submission further.

  4. Note for Windows users: Postscript or Acrobat produced on Windows platforms is often difficult to print correctly on many printers. It is your responsibility, not ours, to make sure that your submission prints correctly on non-Windows platforms.
  5. Make sure your paper prints satisfactorily on 8.5"x11" paper: this is especially important for submissions from countries where A4 paper is standard. If you send us a draft submission a week or so ahead of time, we'll let you know if it prints ok. Closer to the deadline we may not be able to give you a timely response.

Blind Reviewing and Confidentiality

  1. Blind reviewing of full papers will be done by the program committee, assisted by outside referees. Authors must not be identified in the submissions, either explicitly or by implication (e.g., through the references or acknowledgments). It may be impossible to totally disguise authorship, but we expect you to make a good faith effort to do so. Sow reasonable doubt in the minds of the reviewers about who the authors of a paper are. Flagrant violations of this guideline will make reviewers very unhappy.
  2. Author information should be provided separately, in the body of the email to which submission is attached. This information will be available only to the program chair, and will not be used in the reviewing process. We need the following information: 
    • Title of paper
    • Names of authors and affiliations
    • Name of contact author
    • Email, phone number and address of contact author
  3. Papers will be held in confidence during the reviewing process, consistent with well-established principles of scholarly publication. No explicit "non-disclosure" agreements will be signed. Submissions accompanied by such an agreement will not be considered further.


  1. Send your submission as a standard email attachment (that is, as a standard MIME attachment) to

  3. The body of the email to which your submission is attached should indicate that this is a submission to SOSP-18, and should provide the author information described earlier (Item 8 above).

  5. Your submission should reach us no later than 23:59  Eastern Standard Time on Monday, March 26 2001

  7. No requests for extensions will be granted. Please don't ask us for one.

  8. We will send you confirmation that we have received and processed your submission. This may take a few days, possibly up to a week.

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