18th Symposium on Operating Systems Principles -- ACM, 2001
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Poster Session
Important Dates

Submission deadline
September 17, 2001

Acceptance Notification
September 21, 2001

Poster Session
October 22, 2001

The SOSP 2001 Poster Session will be held from 3:15PM to 5:30PM on Monday, October 22. Submissions for the poster session are welcome and due by September 21 (extended from September 17).


A poster is a portrait-format sheet of paper, mounted on foam-core backing, 3'  4' in size. Usually it is broken down into several frames that correspond to the slides in a presentation. A presenter stands by the poster and describes the work to people as they view the material.

A poster is ideal for presentation of ongoing work in a manner that enables interaction and discussion. You might consider providing an overview of some of your recent work, or describing one aspect of your work in more detail. Posters are a great way to get feedback from the community on incomplete work.

Poster topics will be chosen that are of interest to the attendees; suitable topics include those appropriate for the SOSP symposium. The primary criterion for acceptance is the ability to generate a lively discussion. Plan an amount of material for the poster that takes about 5 minutes to talk through.

Submission Guidelines

To obtain a slot in the poster session, please do the following by September 17. Submissions not conforming to these guidelines may be ignored.

  1. Develop a poster in sketch/outline form. The ideal submission includes a thumbnail version of your poster, occupying a single page, together with the text you would give to somebody else so they could represent you at the poster session (500 words max).

  2. Put the submission into a single Adobe PDF file containing at most three 8.5"  11" pages.

  3. Construct a single piece of email as follows:

    1. The email is to be sent to the session chair, Andrew Myers (myers@cs.cornell.edu)

    2. The subject line of the email reads "SOSP Poster Session submission"

    3. The main body of the email (not an attachment!) is a cover letter, including the following:

      • contact information: phone number, email, and address;

      • names and affiliations of authors, as you would like them listed in a program;

      • the title of the poster;

      • whether you require a table, chair, and power for your laptop? (yes/no);

      • whether you are submitting a Work-in-Progress talk on the same topic? (yes/no);

      • anything else that it will be vital for us to know.

    4. A single MIME-encoded attachment contains the Adobe PDF file you constructed above.

You will be notified by email about whether your poster has been accepted by September 21, 2001. If your poster is accepted, your submitted PDF file will be also included in the conference CD-ROM. 

Copyright 2001, SOSP